Whatsapp plus v5.20 MOD APK

Whatsapp plus v5.20 MOD is like a version of whatsapp with a lot more improved and exciting features in it. This application Whatsapp Plus is not any app for Android mobile phone, but besides of all these, this app is still available as third party mediator. And people like to use this app has some impressive new exciting features exist in it. You can make the change in the icon of the application.WhatsApp Plus MOD APK is a full packed revised version of the new whatsapp application, where you can even change your emotions and customized backgrounds and more exciting new things in just a single application. This application works faster and is reliable as well. This is not many complexes rather very easy to use.

Whatsapp plus v5.20 MOD

You can very easily download WhatsApp Plus MOD APK Crack to your Android device. Just install this app on your Android device, and if you get any glitch while downloading it then you should uninstall the original version and then download it again then you must verify your number and let’s get started with it. This application can click on the friend’s status, and you can copy it as well.

As far as the features of Whatsapp plus Whatsapp Plus v5.20 MOD v5.20 MOD is concerned. It can easily say that this application support both video and audio calls.It provides full privacy allows you to hide your last seen and you may download the theme server. You can be able to send videos of 30 MB than of 16 MB, and instead of sending ten pictures you can send at a time 90 images which are just unbelievable almost 90 times more you will get in this app than original WhatsApp.  You may change your status to 250 characters rather than of 139.

WhatsApp Plus MOD APK

Features of Whatsapp plus v5.20 MOD

  • Mods: privacy, themes
  • Hides: last seen, profile pictures and stats.
  • Join unlimited groups and also make groups.
  • You change background pictures with unique themes and own photos.
  • Easy change status and profile pictures.
  • Send photos at a time 10 and also send PDF, MS office documents, and other files.
  • Easy copy statues friend take screen shots
  • Easy to use.
  • Supports video call audio call and audio text
  • Amazing app I like and trillion of user use it.

    Whatsapp plus

H3 how to install

  • Download Whatsapp plus v5.20 MOD.
  • Install download file.
  • Given to phone number for verifying received code and put in app location and started chat/
  • if you face problem then uninstall and get original Whatsapp plus v5.20 MOD given below link.

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